Project -40 La Gomera



Experience La Gomera from the highest point of the island into the Atlantic!

A "Natventura" experience for the whole family. You can start this unique ecological project developed by us every day. ... prints from a height of 1,487 meters to a maximum dive depth of -40 meters ... -The area of ​​Garajonay- Let's start with a hike to the highest point on the island at 1487 meters. After a breathtaking panoramic view of La Gomera and the surrounding islands, pass through the "Garajonay" national park to the "Caseros del Cedro" and end there at the "La Vista" restaurant with a rich menu. On the way we explain the level of vegetation "Laurisilva (laurel forest)", the geology, flora and fauna of the Canary Islands and, in particular, of La Gomera, in this unique forest. This walk with explanations lasts approximately 5 hours.

-The thermophilic shrub forest area-

It starts with the hike from approximately 800 meters and begins below the border of the national park, in El Cedro. The descent to the Hermigua valley takes us along a route that is hundreds of years old. In this section of the island you will discover the level of vegetation between the laurel forest and the cultivated areas of the stone terraces, along a waterfall. This tour is a panoramic walk with explanations of the flora and the change of the landscape to the usable area. We will be able to give you a brief introduction to the work of entomologists (insect researchers). This walk with explanations lasts approximately 5 hours.

-The area of ​​the succulent bush-

It is located between 500 meters and the beach area about 50 meters. In the truest sense, the "unique" flora of La Gomera and the Canary Islands captivates with the greatest biodiversity of plants and animals found only here. We will show you the most beautiful, vulnerable and threatened area on the edge of the "Majona Natural Park". This hike begins at the Casa Diversa biological station in Las Nuevitas and takes us through Los Álamos and El Moralito to La Caleta beach and back to Casa Diversa. This hike is flexible between 4 and 6 hours.

-Marine life forms-

And you can experience its diversity up close with us, up to -40 meters at sea! Observe the flora and fauna of the Atlantic on a snorkeling trip or on your first dive (test dive). And if you already have a diving license, we will also accompany you to the rays, perches, mackerels, anemones and many, many other attractions of the sea. We are passionate dive instructors for more than 15 years and we would love to be able to convey this joy to the beauty of the underwater world of La Gomera. On these excursions our modern equipment is provided and included in the daily price!

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